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Ready Retirement 401K

Ready Retirement 401k


When it comes time to take control of your retirement funds, it’s important to know that there is predictable, reliable and low-risk investment life outside of Wall Street. You prepare for natural disasters, EMP, Economic Collapse and world war so your retirement needs to prepare the same way.

Our aim is to educate and empower individuals to not only join the retirement revolution, but to retire on their own terms, too. Whether you are salaried or self-employed, our team can help you take complete control of your retirement portfolio. 

By coupling the best preparedness products with the most flexible retirement plan you will have all your bases covered! And you can use your Ready Retirement 401k to purchase prepping supplies as well.

Benefits of a Ready Retirement 401(k)

  • Total checkbook control, just write a check when you’re ready to invest!
  • No custodial or transaction fees.
  • Combine retirement with spouse under one plan.
  • Alternative investment options (Precious metals, prepping supplies, private loans, real estate, and more).
  • Complete Premium Bug Out Bag ($799.99 Value).
  • Turn Key Small Business with Membership in Ready Network.



All customized Solo 401k plans are specifically reviewed and approved by the IRS and are proprietary. This includes licensing requirements and remaining in compliance. As changes are made to the code each year, as contribution limits change, and as IRS and DOL letter rulings and advisory opinion letters refine retirement law you will need to make sure your Solo 401k plan stays in compliance.  Survival 401k is here to help you. Whenever there is a change or the plan requires an amendment we will do the work for you and send you the necessary forms. Annual Compliance Fee is $200.00

Our Ready Retirement 401(k) Plan Establishment Service Includes:

  • Solo 401k Adoption Agreement
  • Solo 401k Trust Agreement and Basic Plan Document
  • Solo 401k Plan Documents (Electronic Version/Hard Copy Version)
  • IRS Opinion/Determination Letter and Employer Identification Number
  • Beneficiary Designation
  • Trustee Appointments


  • Successor Trustee Designation
  • Entity Type Adoption
  • Solo 401k Participant Loan Forms and Procedures
  • Transfer/Rollover Forms
  • Consultation on opening Bank Account
  • Consultation on Rollover/Transfer Process
  • Unlimited Phone and Support
  • Membership in Ready Network



Survival 401K charges a one-time fee of $1,250.00 for up to two participants. We accept checks and credit cards.