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Contribute 300% more yearly than an IRA

You and your spouse can combine your retirement under one plan

Two participants included in our comprehensive solutions

Invest in hard assets as well as market securities and mutual funds

As trustee you choose what investments and when – you simply write a check

You are the custodian and trustee – you control it

No UBIT tax on profits of borrowed money

Pre-approved for a personal loan up to $50,000 for both participants

Store precious metals at home or any location you choose

Your plan can be ready in less than three days

IRS Determination Letter is included



Alternative and Traditional Investments

Our Solo 401k Plan offers  self-employed business owners the freedom to use their retirement funds to make nearly any type of investment including rental properties, rural land, precious metals stores at home but best of all: prepping supplies including self defense items!

Higher Contribution Limits

Additionally our Solo 401k Plan allows you to make high contributions up to $53,000 per participant ($59,000 for over 50). That means if your spouse is involved you could possibly sock away $106,000 per year and be able to invest it any way you wish.

Borrow from your Plan

You and your spouse may borrow up to $50,000 each for a total of $100,000 to pay for practically anything. College tuition, a new new roof, medical bills even an anniversary trip around the world are all perfectly legitimate loans reasons.

Our Solo 401(k) plan is approved by the IRS and is perfect for self employed individuals who do not have any employees, other than spouse. The Solo 401k plan was authorized by Congress in 2001 with the signing of the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Relief Act  (EGTRRA).  Although the tax code has been around since 2002, only 2% of Americans are aware of its existence. Survival 401k, LLC is here to change that statistic.


Solo 401k Adoption Agreement

Solo 401k Trust Agreement and Basic Plan Document

Solo 401k Plan Documents (Electronic Version/Hard Copy Version)

IRS Opinion/Determination Letter

Beneficiary Designation

Trustee Appointments

Successor Trustee Designation

Entity Type Adoption

Solo 401k Participant Loan Forms and Procedures

Transfer/Rollover Forms

Consultation on opening Bank Account

Consultation on Rollover/Transfer Process

Unlimited Phone and Support

Survival 401k charges a one-time set  up fee of $1,200.00 for up to two participants. We accept check or major credit cards. Paying from your business allows you to write it off as a business expense.

Annual Maintenance Fee $200.00

All customized Solo 401k plans that are specifically reviewed and approved by the IRS are proprietary. This includes licensing requirements and remaining in compliance. As changes are made to the code each year, as contribution limits change, and as IRS and DOL letter rulings and advisory opinion letters refine retirement law you will need to make sure your Solo 401k plan stays in compliance.  Survival 401k is here to help you. Whenever there is a change or the plan requires an amendment we will do the work for you and send you the necessary forms.


Bottom Line: We Have Your Back!