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LLC Setup

Professional LLC Setup

Forming an LLC

As creating your own business grows in popularity as an alternative investment, more and more people are forming Limited liability companies. LLCs protect small company owners from personal liability for business debts or actions. LLCs also allow larger contribution limits for associated 401(k)s, so you can set aside more money for your retirement.

Forming an LLC with Survival401k

After determining if an LLC is right for your investment goals, the team at Survival401k can also help you increase your wealth through the creation and common sense investment of a Solo 401(k). In your initial consultation, our experienced wealth management professionals will determine which path is right for you!

LLC Setup Pricing

  • $499 + state filing fee

At Survival401k, we’ll help you:

  • File Articles of Formation
  • File Operating Agreement
  • File Tax ID

Contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our wealth management professionals. Each client is different, and we will determine the best course of action to reach and even exceed your specific goals.